Why did we start Zocalo Pan Dulce?

The idea started when our founder was in college in the Northeast. Growing up in a Latino household, there are two key elements that are always present, FAMILY and FOOD. Being away from college, the family was far and there were no nearby panaderias anywhere in sight. Nice warm bread and chocolate caliente would have been perfect in the harsh winter months. This is how Zocalo Pan Dulce was born. No matter where in the country you are, we will get you Freshly baked pan dulce delivered to you. 

"No Matter where in the country you are, we will get your freshly baked pan dulce delivered to you"


In case you haven't heard of Pan Dulce...What is it?

When the spanish conquered Mexico, one of the first foods that they introduce was wheat. There was a time that the French also occupied parts of Mexico. The French along with the Spanish helped introduce baked goods and sweet pastries. It was then that the indigenous people of Mexico started to put their magic to work and created hundreds of Pan Dulce for the rest of Mexico to delight in.

Pan Dulce is enjoyed in Mexico either in the morning or as a nightly snack with Hot Chocolate or Coffee.